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Cupcakes for all occasions

Whether you're organising a coffee morning and you want a few treats for your friends or you've got a large event and you want something special, a cupcake is the perfect way to put a smile on your guests' faces.


Order personalised cupcakes instead of chocolate and flowers:


Min order would be 30 boxes  

4 in a box £6.00  

6 in a box £8.50


Above prices are only for bulk orders which we do for functions.


The Cake Collection Ltd in Burnham can make everything from hundreds of small cupcakes to large cupcakes for real impact.

Stand out from the crowd

Cupcakes are an increasingly popular alternative to standard cakes, offering an easy way to make sure that everyone gets a fair piece. We can even put corporate logos on each cupcake to promote your brand.

Cupcake flavours

- Chocolate

- Lemon

- Coconut

- Coffee


All cupcakes are dairy free, gluten free and egg free. All cupcakes are finished with a buttercream twirl on top. Cupcakes start from £1.80 - For bulk orders please email quantity required.

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